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Kaylie Eaton     2017 49er Contest Winner

     “He makes me fly,” she tells her father.

     “When his hands are on me I feel light,” she confesses to her sister.

     “When he is around me, I seem to lose my breath,” she explains to her friends.

     When he comes home, his hands are wrapped around her neck.

Alexanne Lavalley     2017 49er Honorable Mention

     A little girl places her tiny hand into her mother's as they walk to preschool together. Her big brown eyes gaze into her mama's, and she asks, “Mommy, are you going to die while I’m at school today?”

     The mother rubs her bald head and bleakly smiles, “No, honey.”

Samuel Winston    2017 49er Honorable Mention

     He sat in the back of the room plaguing the space of learning. He proudly shared stories showcasing his delinquent behavior, when called upon he would respond crudely, emphasizing his distaste for school. He was prone to outburst, it was the only way he knew how to cry out.

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