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The 49er Contest '18-19

Winner- Molly Crowley

A Heart’s Lament



     I love someone too good for me, and I am trapped in an endless dark sea. If I confess, the tide pulls them further away. Only my painful silence will let them stay, so I will close up my breaking heart, waiting for this love to keep on fading.

Honorable Mention-Emma Ohlson

I Wish He Realized


     I wish that Dad would’ve realized that Mara didn’t like to socialize because she thought everyone would judge her like Dad would. That they’d torment her because of any little thing like Dad would. Dad, I wish you would realize. That’s why. You're the reason she pulled the trigger.

Notable Selection- Hadassa DaSilva

Fifteen Days Later



     He was hiding many sins within him.  A pastor, true to your word and God’s you are. It was a Sunday night and he was preaching about “The mask and Truth coming out.” Fifteen days later, he is put away from his own church. The Mask and truth, out.

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