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Sad Girl in the Window

Silence is Not a Solution

by Allyson Petta


“I had a dream.”




“Don’t you want to hear about it?”

“My answer doesn’t matter.”


“There was no such thing as color. And there was no such thing as sound.”

“Were people happy?”

“I wanted them to be. I thought they would.”

“Were they?”


The 49er Contest Winner 2019-2020

Cracked Surface


by Neisa Santos


     Sharp teeth sting her lungs and stutter her breathing. Poison cascades through her veins and makes her sweat. Withered roses begin to grow into her cheeks. As the viper latches onto her heart, the venom begins to take hold. And she doesn’t hear the rattle until it’s too late.

The 49er Contest Honorable Mention 2019-2020

Man with Eyes Closed


by Messina Sheehan

     Forced to shut up. Forced to hide away. Forced to be “normal.” Say it and be an outcast. Hold it, mentally hurt. People will talk. I just can’t keep it in anymore. I want to speak out. Want to come out. I don’t want to be what I am.

The 49er Contest Honorable Mention 2019-2020

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